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Classic and Early 20th Century U.S. Stamps

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  Scott No. Description Price  
 Successful Stamp Dealing, Peter Mosiondz Jr., 116 pages. SB. New. Gladly signed on request.$29.00Add to Cart
 Stamps and Stories: Reminiscences of a Stamp Dealer, Peter Mosiondz Jr., 103 pages. SB. New. Gladly signed on request.$19.00Add to Cart
 American Philatelic Miscellany: Selections from The Stamp Specialist, Susan M. McDonald (Quarterman Publications). HB. DJ protected in mylar. Gently used.$30.00Add to Cart
 Illustrated Directory of New Jersey 1847 Issue Covers, Brad Arch (1987). 44 pages and supplements. SB. New.$5.00Add to Cart
 The United States One Cent Stamp of 1851-1857, Stanley B. Ashbrook, (H.L. Lindquist). Two volume set 338 and 384 pages. HB. DJs protected in Brodart Mylar. Nice used set. Volume 1 signed by Ashbrook.$225.00Add to Cart
 The United States Ten Cent Stamps of 1855-1859, Mortimer L. Neinken (The Collectors Club NY 1960) The plating plus a fine chapter on the markings and usages, excellent. 252 pages. HB. DJ protected in mylar. Nice used condition.$30.00Add to Cart
 Classic United States Imperforate Stamps, Jonathan W. Rose. Covers stamps 1847-1856. 104 pages. SB. New. $20.00Add to Cart
 The First United States Perforated Stamps: The 1857 Issue, Jonathan W. Rose (Collectors Club of Chicago 2005). 156 pages. HB. New. $30.00Add to Cart
 The United States 1˘ Franklin 1861-1867, Don L. Evans (1992). Study of design, essays, and proofs, production, printings, postal markings and postal history. 440 pages. 32 full-color and 545 black and white photos. SB. New. $39.00Add to Cart
 Pat Paragraphs, Elliott Perry. Reprint of Elliott Perry's work published in 58 issues over his lifetime. Emphasis on issues of the 19th century, locals, carriers and express posts plus match and medicine stamps.  Arranged by subject matter; 648 pages. HB. New. $25.00Add to Cart
 The Philatelic Foundation Seminar Series Textbook No. 3: U.S. Postmarks and Cancellations (PF 1992), Scott R. Trepel and Harlan F. Stone. SB. New. $30.00Add to Cart
 The United States One Cent Stamp of 1851-1861, Mortimer L. Neinken. Published 1972. Many enlarged illustrations. One loose plate in pocket. A major work on the stamps, very useful for type identification and plating. Deluxe edition with full gilt-edge pages and custom dust case. 552 pages. HB. Like new.$175.00Add to Cart
 The Postage Stamps of the United States, John N. Luff. (1981 Quarterman Reprint). HB. DJ protected in mylar. New. $95.00Add to Cart
 The United States Postage Stamps of the 19th Century, Lester G. Brookman (1966). 3 volumes. 882 pages. Illustrated. HB. DJs protected in mylar. Like new. $95.00Add to Cart
 Linn's U.S. Stamp Facts, Eliot A. Landau (1999). SB. New. $20.00Add to Cart
 The 1851 Issue of United States Stamps: A Sesquicentennial Retrospective, Hubert C. Skinner and Charles J. Peterson (USPCS 2006). HB. New. $125.00Add to Cart
 1851-1857 Issues, National Philatelic Museum (1951). SB. Nice used copy. $25.00Add to Cart
 U.S. Perforation Centennial 1857-1957, National Philatelic Museum (1957). SB. New. $30.00Add to Cart
 Bakers' U.S. Classics, Hugh J. and J. David Baker (1985). HB. DJ protected in mylar. Like new. $25.00Add to Cart
 Sloane's Column, George B. Sloane (1961 First printing). HB. Like new. $39.00Add to Cart
 United States Postal History Sampler, Richard B. Graham (1991). Good overview, covers 60 subjects in 15 chapters. 192 Pages. Illustrated. HB. New. $25.00Add to Cart
 Pacific '97 Handbook Combined with the Congress Book 1997 (American Philatelic Congress) 400 pages. HB. New. $12.00Add to Cart
 United States Supplementary Mail, Leonard Piszkiewicz (USSS 2009). The most complete work on the subject. 133 pages. Illustrated. HB.DJ protected in mylar. New. $39.00Add to Cart

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