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Classic and Early 20th Century U.S. Stamps

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Classic U.S. Stamps

  Scott No. Description Price  
VIEW IMAGE1Used, F-VF, Clear to large margins. Blue CDS.$275.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE1Used, F-VF, Margins just clear to large including part of next stamp at bottom. Bright red cancel.$250.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE11AUsed, VF, Four margins. Red CDS.$20.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE14Used, XF-SUP, 2017 PF Certificate.$295.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE14Used, VF, Margins well clear to very large. Light CDS.$130.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE14Used, VF, NY CDS and small portion of red transit cancel. $130.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE17Used, F, Blue CDS. Right margin in. Portion of adjoining stamp at left.$109.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE69Used, VF, Light target cancel and partial red transit cancel UL. $85.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE73Used, F-VF, Black Negative "X" cancel.$35.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE76Used, F-VF$70.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE78aUsed, F-VF, PFC stating "genuine...segmented cork and red transit cancels.$275.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE112Used, F-VF, Cut cork cancel. $95.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE113Used, F-VF, Circle of wedges cancel. $55.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE115Used, VF, Light cancel. A beauty!$190.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE117Used, F-VF, Target cancel. $85.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE119Used, VF, 2017 PF Certificate.$175.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE149Used, F-VF, Trace of red transit cancel. $60.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE153Used, F-VF, Black manuscript and red quartered cork cancel. $130.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE166Used, F-VF $170.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE210F-VF, NH $85.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE214VF, NH, 1997 PF Certificate. $175.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE220cUsed, F-VF, Caps clear of cancel.$25.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE221VF, VLH $49.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE230F-VF, NH $20.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE231F-VF, NH $20.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE232VF, LH $30.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE235VF, NH $130.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE238Used, F-VF, Neat cancel. Fresh. $50.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE239Used, F-VF, Light CDS.$60.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE240Used, VF$160.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE241Used, F-VF, Oval numeral grid cancel. 2018 PF Certificate.$365.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE242Used, F, Double oval cancel. $250.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE288VF, LH $80.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE291Used, F-VF, CDS and duplex cancels.$119.00Add to Cart
VIEW IMAGE291F-VF, LH$395.00Add to Cart

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