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About Us

Young Pete's Japan exhibit, which
took 2nd prize at the annual
NEPS show, circa 1960.

We've been satisfying quality conscious collectors such as yourself since 1968. We began our philatelic career as a newlywed part-time dealer who rushed home every evening to first give our wife a hello kiss and then retire to our office to fill that day's approval requests. We traded back then under the name of Lamos Stamps. Our meager stock consisted of a couple of hundred foreign sets, some new issues, and a very limited U.S. stock. We continued doing the worldwide approvals for about four years and then decided to focus our attention in the direction of U.S. stamps, trading under our given name.

We fondly remember, and are ever grateful for, all of the help and encouragement given to us in our fledgling years by our very good friend, and mentor, Herman 'Pat' Herst, Jr. We had our first contact with Pat shortly after our modest beginning. A subscription to Herst's Outbursts was the start of a friendship that lasted over 30 years. We miss him very much. When we began our philatelic writings in 1982 with an article published in The Stamp Wholesaler, Pat called us to say how much he enjoyed it and encouraged us to expand our efforts to other publications. Today we have had over 1,100 articles published as well as two books. We remember calling him one particular evening to say that we had just finished doing our tenth story that day. He replied, "Only ten? I've done twelve already." We met many other notables through Pat. I'd like to mention one of them, another true philatelic giant.

Pete's store The Stamp Shack,
circa 1980.

We recall that day in the early 1970's, after our switch to United States stamps. The day's mail brought a request from a new client to furnish him with a used Scott #1 with four full margins. Of course the stamp must be sound. We made a call at once to Pat. He suggested that we contact Robert Siegel and use his name as a reference. All we knew about Mr. Siegel at that time was that he owned and operated a very prestigious auction house in New York. We had not yet discovered auction buying. With some measure of trepidation, we made the call and explained the nature of our request. The reply came instantly. "I know I have some in the vault. I'll send down a few for your approval." A few days later we signed for a large registered envelope. It contained nearly two dozen choice examples of our first postage stamp, any of which was more than suitable for our client. The enclosed note told us to select the stamp that we felt would most please our client. We were also told that if none of these were satisfactory, more could be sent. Finally, it was suggested that we might want to keep some for our own stock. Payment could be made "when it was convenient." We went on to have many more pleasant transactions with Bob Siegel over the years. Occasionally we would kid him by asking if he had any nice #1's in the vault. He was another tremendous individual who inspired us.

Pat Herst, our philatelic
friend and mentor.

They don't come along too often, people like Pat Herst and Bob Siegel. We were pleased to know both of them and to call them friends. In our own humble way, we have tried to emulate them in our dealings.

The 1970's also saw the arrival of our four children, Pete III, Andy, Mike and Jennifer. Our dear wife, Connie, was and still is instrumental in helping us with the day to day business affairs. This decade also saw our move to the country, to a sleepy little town named Gardenville (in Pennsylvania, just outside Doylestown). On Christmas Eve 1979, just two years after settling in, we were laid off from our job in textiles. Two months later we opened our stamp store. We were frightened to wit's end. The mortgage company was not very sympathetic to our plight. A close friend, who happened to be one of our customers at the time, came up with the idea of the store. He offered to come in as a partner. We readily accepted his proposal and never had the occasion to regret it. The extra funds did wonders in helping to improve our stamp stock. We were partners in the store for two wonderful years before the recession of the early 1980's took hold and escalating rents forced us to close. We parted friends and returned to our tranquil country setting to concentrate on mail order and shows. We tried opening an office not too far from the store, but that lasted about a year. The buyers simply vanished.

Since that fateful Christmas Eve back in 1979, we have been full-time dealers and have never had cause to regret the decision. Throughout the years we have had the privilege of satisfying literally thousands of collectors with their philatelic pursuits. More important are the countless friends we made along the way. We hope that you'll become one as well.

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